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The planning has begun and you have decided that you are going to save money by planning the wedding yourself. You have a great group of friends and family that agreed to help create your dream wedding for you. What a team.

But, even with help and self planning you feel overwhelmed and would like to have the help of a planner, but that is not in your budget.

Have you considered a virtual planner? For either a flat fee or a monthly subscription you have have the help and advice of a professional wedding planning service. To have the assistance of a professional will give you guidance to stay on your timeline and your budget. Look below and you can see what we offer for our virtual wedding planning. You can even down load the PDF of our full description.

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Happy planning and let us know if we can help.

The Diamond Package…..$45.00 per month

You are planning on doing all of the work with the help of friends and family. You will be able to tour vendors, create the vision and make it come to life. That is wonderful. But you still feel you will do better with some guidance and advice along the way. The diamond package is your virtual wedding planner. We are here to help listen, guide and advise.

What is offered:

  • Help you create a planning timeline
  • Help you create and maintain a budget
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Help plan theme
  • Help plan design features
  • Help with your guest list
  • Stationary planning
  • Create reception floor plan
  • Assist in seating arrangements and placements
  • Assist with planning party ideas, engagement, rehearsal, bridal shower bachelorette.
  • Provide support via: Phone, text, email and skype

We will be there to talk you through the overwhelm, remind you to take a breath, and help bring a structured focus into the planning process. Remember this is a fun and exciting time in your life. We help it to remain fun and exciting.

We look forward to speaking with you very soon to get started. for a free question and answer session – consultation. Or you can text me to schedule appointment by emailing, call or text 346-702-5269.

Having the help of a planner may seem like an unnecessary expense but in the long run can save you a lot of money by helping you see where fees may be hidden in contracts, by helping you stay focused and on budget and other ways to save time, money and effort in your wedding planner.

When the wedding draws near and you feel you might want a Day-of-Coordinator just reach out to us. With using the Virtual Wedding Planning service, we will offer you a discount on the Day-of-Coordinator services starting 4 weeks before your wedding. This will allow you to enjoy your wedding without the stress of making sure the food doesn’t run out, the toasts are called for at the right time and the cake is sliced and served.

Travel fees and lodging will apply. (2-person team, minimum)

The Diamond Package

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