The Romance of Valentine’s Day

Right now in my community everyone is putting the finishing touches on Halloween. We are starting to prepare our thanksgiving decor and planning out what we want for the Christmas theme of 2018. We might even be in the planning stages of a New Year’s Eve Party.

Dinner tables

In the Party Planning Business, October means time to book the planning of your Valentines Party. What I like to focus on is the small dinner parties of 25 or less people. This adds an intimate friendship gathering. We do also work with couples dinners, romantic ideas, and help with plans for “Popping the Questions”.

This years Valentines though will be the small gathering of friends to celebrate a day of Love and Friendship. Simple but elegant decor, nicely laid out tables, a delicious menu that is still easy to pull together. Candle light, soft music, and great conversation over you glasses of wine.

To add to the elegant dinner party you can start by planning a theme to make it MORE than just Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you add the flair of a masquerade party. Nice suits, pretty dresses and the elegantly designed masques at the front door. The masks also double a party favors.


Send out invitations at least a month in advance, asking for an RSVP so you know how much food and wine to order.

You can set up a desert table to make the night the traditional setting of candies and sweets. Offer a couple of desert wine choices as well.

Desert table2

When you are ready to start planning your romantic dinner party, please give us a call to help you organize and set up. We can help find your decor, linen and table setting rentals, catering, desert table food items, and wine choices.

Having an intimate dinner party will bring bring a lot of enjoyment into your holiday plans. It will bring loving memories for a holiday that is often seen as cheesy and retail driven.

Keep in mind that Valentines day 2018 is a Thursday. We have time to book one for that day, Friday and Saturday 2/14, 15, and 16. Contact us early to book your dates and beginning the planning process that friends and loved ones will talk about for years to come.

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