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Parties – Birthdays and Other Occasions

birthday table

Birthday parties are so fun. We have a chance to tell someone special that This is their special day. We want to make it special and memorable. We are experienced party planner and would love to help you make a dream come true for a loved one.

When we are talking about planning a party we are not talking paper streamers and balloons.

We are talking about linen table clothes, beautiful decor, delicious food and deserts.

This is an upscale service that is not right for everyone. But it is worth every penny when you see the looks on the faces of the birthday person and guests faces.

We are not just talking about birthday parties. We are talking any type of part. Anniversaries, dinner parties, baby showers, bridal showers, holiday parties. You imagine is the limit. We all love parties and we are here to help you plan the best one ever.

We specialize in parties of 6-12 guest. Anything larger has a per guest fee.

For our listing of services and pricing down load our Party Planning.

If you need only specific help or have a special request please contact us with your comments or questions. Contact us.



Planning Your Christmas Party

Christmas time is coming and your thinking “This year I would love to have a Christmas Party.” Then your next thought is “where do I find the time?”

Christmas Party TIme
Time to plan your Christmas Party

The advantage to the Christmas season is everything and everywhere is already decorated in a festive holiday theme. You have the beginnings already. But what else do you need to throw a successful Holiday party?

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Table settings
  • Music
  • Additional decor
  • Optional gifts

Lets talk food first

If you are having a small intimate gathering, say 6-12 people, then you can have a sit down dinner. This can be done by meals that can be mostly prepared ahead of time and warmed before the party starts. Finger food platters are a good starter. Soups and chilies are great during this nippy season. For dinner you can cook a turkey, a roast, chicken. These can be slow cooked in a crock pot or roaster, the easily served onto plates for your guest with a steamed veggie and some rice or potatoes.  Who is going to serve? This is a sit down dinner. Ask your guests if anyone has teenagers who are free. This is fun and often they will jump at a chance to be involved in an adult dinner party. Just don’t forget to count your servers in the food plate count.

If you are planning from 12-25 I would suggest a buffet style or finger foods and deserts. If you are planning over 25 you have gone from throwing a party to an events.

Setting the Table

For any type of table setting, sit-down, buffet, cocktail table, the decor is very easy this time of year. Flowers are in abundance such as poinsettias and carnations that are affordable. The decorations are being sold everywhere. Look for some sparkle. Chargers can be silver or gold and add an elegant touch to any table.

If you are hosting a cocktail or buffet style party you can use colorful paper napkins and plastic ware (But go with good quality). If you are having a sit down dinner you will want to use fabric linens and ceramic or china. Be sure to ask your friends and family for borrowed items before you go out and purchase 25 linen napkins, table clothes, dishes, and serving ware.

Christmas Table.jpeg

Inviting your guests

Start creating your guest list now. I know Christmas still feels far away but this time of year flies by. You need to assume that your select guest will also be receiving other invitations to parties and events. You will want to have your invitations out at least a month in advance, don’t forget to request RSVP’s even for the less formal parties. You will want to know ahead of time how much food, drinks, and party favors you will need. The number of guests also dictates how many servers you will need to keep the food fresh and the stress level down.

Enjoy your party

The idea of having a Christmas Party is to celebrate with friend, family, loved one’s. You do not want the days before and the time of your party running spent around so busy you cannot enjoy your own party. If you are hosting a DIY Party ask for help. Friends and family and donate decor, table settings, glasses, serving items, as well as time cooking, decorating, setting the tables, picking up items, and cleaning up afterwards. You just have to ask. As I mentioned early your friends with pre-teen and teenage kids can ask if they would love to help with the party.

If you cannot find help…What now? 

You can hire a party planner. If you think that is too expensive ask yourself what your time is worth. Do you want to be a host to your party or spend your whole time refreshing food and drinks, cleaning up plates and napkins? A professional planner will set everything up from ordering the food, planning music, setting up the design theme, arranging the decor and tables. They will be in the background to be sure your servers are keeping the party flowing, and afterward they will assist in the tear-down and cleanup. make sure leased items are returned and that everyone, including you, had a great time at your party. We even help with the invitations and RSVP collection. (CONTACT US for details)

You CAN throw a successful party yourself

This is a fun and festive time of year. If you need suggestions or recommendations please feel free to ask in the comments. If you need a professional planner to do all the work , or some of the work, then please contact us to lock in your party date today. Slots fill quickly. We really look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Holidays,
Todd and Ashley Spurgeon

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash The stores are putting out all of their Christmas Trees and decorations and what comes to mind for this party planner is a nice New Years day dinner party for you and your closest friends. If you have been reading my blog posts you know I am all about the small intimate…

via Happy New Year — Texas Rose Events – Wedding & Party Planners

Happy New Year

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

The stores are putting out all of their Christmas Trees and decorations and what comes to mind for this party planner is a nice New Years day dinner party for you and your closest friends. If you have been reading my blog posts you know I am all about the small intimate parties with your closest inner circle. I love intimacy and good conversation and this is the perfect setting.

dinner party

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

The dinner party is a gathering of 6-12 people. Anything over 25 is considered an event. That is a complete different setup all together. Now we are talking about a New Years Day dinner party. I’m assuming you went to the New Years Eve event the night before, a gathering of lots of people, balloon drops and midnight kisses and wishes.

The Menu

Now it is time to bring in the new year with a smaller group. The menu can be simple. A nice casserole, a couple of sides, a nice wine and teas, soft music and simple desserts. This can be a brunch or an early dinner set up to enjoy the closing of the Holiday season and sharing your wishes for a new year. Since it is the end of a busy holiday season keep the menu easy, set up buffet style, and use disposable serving containers for ease of clean up.

The Table and Decor

It is up to you if you want to use your Christmas decor or change up to winter decor. I always had the traditional red and green for Christmas and at New Years I changed over to a soft Blue and Silver. Since I live in the warm south I loved those colors because they remind me of a landscape just after a nice snowfall when the sun reflects off of everything. It also allows me to decorate, but I’m not yet ready for the red and white of valentines.  I use silver candle holders with light blue candles and a little bit of evergreen greenery for a comfortable finished feel. You can also bring is some light blue and white floral. Since we are looking at a small dinner party put away the Christmas dishes and bring out the china or ceramic dishes. This brings a more formal feel then using paper plates and plastic utensils. If you have white dishes then use silver chargers and the light blue cloth napkins with silver napkin rings.

The Music and entertainment

This is really your choice. The music along with the decor sets the mood. This is a relaxing intimate setting so you want nice background music. For my dinner I would set a shuffle of George Winston and Enya. Just a couple of my favorites.

This is a time to recall the last year and hope for the new one. Over dinner is the time to remember what you all as friends shared over the last year. You have set a table, have your food and drink, set the mood with music, your friend have joined you. The best way to begin a new season with sharing the time of transition with those you love.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas. If you need assistance in pulling together your New Years Dinner Party please Contact us.

What we do:

  • Send out invitations: Email or paper
  • Bring together the Decor
  • Arrange rental of linens, tables, dishes and glassware
  • Arrange catering or menu plan
  • set up on the day of

How much? I know this is the big question for everyone looking for a planner. We charge $500 for a party of 6-12. Numbers over that are an addition fee. For a dinner party we ask for at least 60 days of planning time but we prefer 90.

You are responsible for all billing from vendors, linens and rentals, caterers etc. We will be sure to help you find what you need within your budget, make sure you know the deposits required and due dates for payments. We will help you with your guest list, RSVP and letting vendors know final head count. You have unlimited communication with us to be sure all planning and set up goes smoothly. You can place everything in our hands and have peace of mind that you will host a very nice dinner party.

Happy Holidays,
Todd and Ashley Spurgeon
Texas Rose Events


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The Romance of Valentine’s Day

Right now in my community everyone is putting the finishing touches on Halloween. We are starting to prepare our thanksgiving decor and planning out what we want for the Christmas theme of 2018. We might even be in the planning stages of a New Year’s Eve Party.

Dinner tables

In the Party Planning Business, October means time to book the planning of your Valentines Party. What I like to focus on is the small dinner parties of 25 or less people. This adds an intimate friendship gathering. We do also work with couples dinners, romantic ideas, and help with plans for “Popping the Questions”.

This years Valentines though will be the small gathering of friends to celebrate a day of Love and Friendship. Simple but elegant decor, nicely laid out tables, a delicious menu that is still easy to pull together. Candle light, soft music, and great conversation over you glasses of wine.

To add to the elegant dinner party you can start by planning a theme to make it MORE than just Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you add the flair of a masquerade party. Nice suits, pretty dresses and the elegantly designed masques at the front door. The masks also double a party favors.


Send out invitations at least a month in advance, asking for an RSVP so you know how much food and wine to order.

You can set up a desert table to make the night the traditional setting of candies and sweets. Offer a couple of desert wine choices as well.

Desert table2

When you are ready to start planning your romantic dinner party, please give us a call to help you organize and set up. We can help find your decor, linen and table setting rentals, catering, desert table food items, and wine choices.

Having an intimate dinner party will bring bring a lot of enjoyment into your holiday plans. It will bring loving memories for a holiday that is often seen as cheesy and retail driven.

Keep in mind that Valentines day 2018 is a Thursday. We have time to book one for that day, Friday and Saturday 2/14, 15, and 16. Contact us early to book your dates and beginning the planning process that friends and loved ones will talk about for years to come.

Schedule Online

Or Contact us to begin ashley@texasroseevents.com 346-702-5269

Virtual Wedding Planner

reception 1 md

The planning has begun and you have decided that you are going to save money by planning the wedding yourself. You have a great group of friends and family that agreed to help create your dream wedding for you. What a team.

But, even with help and self planning you feel overwhelmed and would like to have the help of a planner, but that is not in your budget.

Have you considered a virtual planner? For either a flat fee or a monthly subscription you have have the help and advice of a professional wedding planning service. To have the assistance of a professional will give you guidance to stay on your timeline and your budget. Look below and you can see what we offer for our virtual wedding planning. You can even down load the PDF of our full description.

oling hands header

Happy planning and let us know if we can help.

The Diamond Package…..$45.00 per month

You are planning on doing all of the work with the help of friends and family. You will be able to tour vendors, create the vision and make it come to life. That is wonderful. But you still feel you will do better with some guidance and advice along the way. The diamond package is your virtual wedding planner. We are here to help listen, guide and advise.

What is offered:

  • Help you create a planning timeline
  • Help you create and maintain a budget
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Help plan theme
  • Help plan design features
  • Help with your guest list
  • Stationary planning
  • Create reception floor plan
  • Assist in seating arrangements and placements
  • Assist with planning party ideas, engagement, rehearsal, bridal shower bachelorette.
  • Provide support via: Phone, text, email and skype

We will be there to talk you through the overwhelm, remind you to take a breath, and help bring a structured focus into the planning process. Remember this is a fun and exciting time in your life. We help it to remain fun and exciting.

We look forward to speaking with you very soon to get started. for a free question and answer session – consultation. Or you can text me to schedule appointment by emailing weddings@texasroseevents.com, call or text 346-702-5269.

Having the help of a planner may seem like an unnecessary expense but in the long run can save you a lot of money by helping you see where fees may be hidden in contracts, by helping you stay focused and on budget and other ways to save time, money and effort in your wedding planner.

When the wedding draws near and you feel you might want a Day-of-Coordinator just reach out to us. With using the Virtual Wedding Planning service, we will offer you a discount on the Day-of-Coordinator services starting 4 weeks before your wedding. This will allow you to enjoy your wedding without the stress of making sure the food doesn’t run out, the toasts are called for at the right time and the cake is sliced and served.

Travel fees and lodging will apply. (2-person team, minimum)

The Diamond Package

4th of July DIY Wreath

In honor of the upcoming holiday this week I decided to step away from wedding planning for a few minutes and make a new wreath for our door. Since I was creating a new project I decided I should share it.

IMG_0209  I am happy with how this turned out. It is funny where inspiration comes from. When I went to Target I found this scarf. The Idea stemmed from that.

My next stop was Hobby Lobby to find the plaque and floral. Every bit of this I found 30-70% off.

Staying with my wedding themes you can do the same with some fluffy tulle in white and flowers, ribbons to match the wedding colors and a Mr & Mrs plaque.

But right now I say, “God Bless America”

We are smoking awesome Texas Brisket and making potato salad for the holiday. Now even my front door looks awesome.

Let me show you the supplies and simple instructions to make on of these for yourself.


I scarf
Grape vine wreath
1 bundle of small red flowers
1 garland of small white flowers
America plaque
Floral wire
floral wire cutters





I draped the scarf on the left front of the wreath and arranged to my liking. Then I secured the top and bottom to the wreath with floral wire.









Second, I wrapped the white floral garland from the top, around the right and to the right bottom.







Third, I clipped the red stems from the bunch and stuck them into the lower right of the wreath. I took pieces of floral wire to secure each piece in place. A couple of the white flowers had fallen off of the garland so I secured those in the red flowers.









Last, I clipped the wire hanger for the plaque at the top leaving a wire on each side. I used those to secure the plaque on the right and left of the wreath.






I clipped several strands of floral wire and twisted then together. I then formed them into a loop I attached at the top back of the wreath so I can hang this on the door hook.


It took me no more than 30 minutes to put this festive wreath together. Now my front door looks festive from the road.

I would love to see your projects, ask your wedding and event question. Please drop me an email ashley@texasroseevents.com 

Wedding Planning – The starting point

oling hands header

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

The question that was emailed to me today was just a great big “HELP” we want to plan our wedding and don’t even know where to start.

Once the excitement of the new engagement has settled just enough for you to realize you have now dove head first into planning season, you will feel this huge sense of overwhelm. You will need to know what steps to begin the process so that you can stay organized, and within budget. Planning a wedding is like taking on a new job that you really have very little training in. Get ready to learn a lot in the next few months.

Start with a wedding notebook. You willwedding planner need dividers for each different element of your wedding (Attire, stationary, budget, vendors, etc…). you will need pocket folders for receipts and a zipper pocket for pencils, fabric swatches etc. You will fill this to capacity, and this will be your wedding bible by the time the day comes around.

Second find a wedding planning timeline that matches how many months until your wedding. 18, 12, 6 and use that as a general guideline to plan what needs to be done every month, and the weeks days and even hours up to the wedding. There are many to choose from on Pinterest and theknot.com has a good one with an app. It will give you email notifications to help you stay on track with your to do list.

There are a few little details you need to set before you can move forward in your planning at all.

Look at the 5 questions:

Who, What, where, when, and how?

The funny thing about answering these question is it isn’t a straight line but a circle. once factor is dependent on the others. So lets break them down.

Not who is getting married…lol you already know that, but who is coming to the wedding. You need to have a general idea from the beginning how many quests will be there. This helps determine your budget, the size of your location, and even the place of your location.

What is your theme, your colors, and the general feel you want for your wedding. Though this does not have to be set in stone at this point a general idea is good. When looking at venues you do not want their orange carpets to clash with your smoky blue decor. You do not want to host a formal wedding in a rustic county barn. You will want a cohesive blending of style between your theme and your locations, decor and attire.

When you put your feelers out for a wedding planner, photographer, caterer etc… one of the first questions everyone asks, “Where are you having your wedding, and have you chosen a venue?” I touched a little on the venue before, but what about location. Are you getting married in your home town, closer to family, a destination wedding?
When Todd and I first got engaged I imagined our wedding just down the road from our home. Then we told our family we were getting married and found my in-laws are not able to travel due to health reasons. So we had to plan a wedding 4 hours away. Weddings are sometimes planned more towards the needs of the guest than the wants of the bride.

Planning your date is also important. There are times of the year and even times of week that cost more than others. There are also family considerations to dates. The first date I set for one wedding was the same day as the families biggest football day of the year. If I had stuck with that schedule 1/2 the family would not make the wedding. it was a tradition.

I guess how should really be how much. What is your budget? This will determine every aspect of your wedding. Also, important is who is paying for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon, etc. Keep in mind that most weddings go about 40% over budget. This may be a strong discussion point for you and whoever is paying for the wedding.

These are the first 5 questions to ask yourself when beginning the planning process. It down with your brand new wedding notebook and brainstorm these questions with the people who are going to help you make decisions and put this together along the way. Know at the beginning who these people are. Your fiance, your mother, mother-in-law, your best friend. Usually the people who are paying have a lot of say over the whole wedding planning process.  Get everyone together and have a brainstorming session with these 5 questions as the topic of discussion. A wedding is like starting a business and these people are your board of directors. These 5 questions are the basis for your business plan.

Of course, one of the best investments in your wedding is the wedding planner. Having someone  experienced in the whole “World of weddings”, who knows vendors, contracts and budgets and knows what problems can unexpectedly pop up is an asset that can save you thousands of dollars in the end. Even if you are planning on hiring one just for day of coordinator, you may want to begin the communications at the beginning. This is a relationship worth building. Put them on retainer and work out a little extra for communication and advice along the way. Please see Our Services and our web site for helpful advise and to see about how we can work for you.

i hope this helps answer the question of where do we start? Please feel free to share your questions, comments and concerns.

Lovely planning seasons to all,

Todd & Ashley

Your Engagement Party

engage party

The first event of your wedding season is your engagement party. This is where you officially announce your engagement and get to celebrate with friends and family. It is a more intimate affair. Not as many guest as you will invite to your wedding but just as important. You will want every detail perfect and insure your guests will have a great time.


This is your first chance to begin setting your wedding theme also. The decor will be much simpler than the wedding but they can share elements. If you are having a traditional wedding your engagement party might center around a cocktail party with finger foods and small deserts. If you are having a country or rustic wedding you might want to bring in some Bar-B-Que.

As with any part of your wedding, you do want to put in some planning and coordinating. This can be challenging when you also have work, family and social commitments.  We, as wedding planners are a great help in the party planning as well as the wedding planning. You are going to spend a lot of time with your wedding planner.  This is a great trial run to see if you are a good fit or not.

At Texas Rose Events, in the Houston Texas Area, we have a special. If you hire us for the engagement party and decide to hire us as your wedding planners, then the fee for the party will be applied to the fee for the wedding planning. Basically, you get the party planning for FREE.

Download our brochure. Click here for PDF Brochure

You can also Contact Us for more information, or look at Our services Page

Todd & Ashley SPurgeon



Wedding Planner Sample

Hello Ladies…. and gents also,

Now you’re engaged and looking for help. You started looking into venues, cakes, caterer etc. and you are overwhelmed. Between planning your wedding and everything else (Such as work and family) you need help. You want to enjoy your wedding not be totally stressed out by it.

engage party

You start looking into wedding planners and your first thought is, “They cost HOW MUCH?” Don’t worry. By hiring the wedding planner you will be saving that much and more by  having someone who knows the vendors, and can keep you on time and on budget to make your dream come true.

The next consideration is how much time you will spend working with and communicating with your wedding planner. This surely needs to be someone you “click” with. You will become close friends over the next few months. But how do you know?

What we offer at Texas Rose Events is a trial run. The wedding season is full of parties and celebrations. So let the first one, your engagement party, be handled by us. We help you plan and pull of a romantic, fun celebration of your engagement. We help set up, decorate, make sure the invitations go out, the food and drinks arrive on time etc. and you get a chance to know us and see if we are able to see your vision, work well together, and most important you see how valuable the wedding planner services are to your perfect wedding day.

Even better, the fee for the engagement party is applied to the wedding planning fee if you choose to use us. It is a win-win situation for you and for us. Let the parties begin. Contact us to get the communications started and begin the best season of your life.

Contact us